And the universe whispered:

"What are you waiting for?!"

My Story...

I've always received everything that I wanted. Or so I thought. 

When I graduated from university the longing to spend some time abroad was so big, that I had to overcome my fears and get out of my comfort zone! It’s the best I've ever done. 

So I was working in five different countries, on four different continents, and absolutely loving it. I was financially free, living in paradise-like places, and had only awesome and fun people around me. I thought I had it all!


Yet despite this “perfect” external world, no one knew how my life was on the inside...

I was so insecure, never ever thought that I'd be good enough, and fear was ruling my life. So much so that I didn't even get to enjoy the life I created. 

I felt lost, lonely, unworthy, and didn't allow myself to see all my possibilities. I lived in paradise and couldn't see it!


... And then the universe whispered clearly into my ear: "How much more of your life do you want to keep wasting by being unhappy?!" 


Well, it didn't whisper, it was more a loving slap to my face.

And I woke up.

I listened.

I simply knew that I had to take over the responsibility for my life because no one else would. If I wanted change, if I wanted to really love myself, my body, my whole being, then only I would be the one who could do something about it.

So I started peeling off layers. One after the other. And like a flower I started to blossom. It wasn't always easy, but oh - so worth it!

I made it my every-day practice to get out of my comfort zone. More than that, I made it my hobby and mission to jump way beyond it. I pledged to stop letting fear rule my life, and now I feel more empowered than ever before. 

I now show people how to do the same. People who have “ticked all the boxes” only then to realize that they're still not happy. That they still don't feel free and are still looking for "more" in their life. I help them find it. To find inner happiness and freedom by letting go of the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from having it.

Having completely transformed my own mindset, the mindset of those closest to me, and by working with thousands of people worldwide I now see that this shedding of layers, this blossoming, is the key to attracting whatever you want and changing your life.

"Our outer world is an extension of our inner world. We perceive our own world. Whatever we think, believe, and feel about ourselves becomes our reality.

And the best thing about that?

WE can change it!"



Franziska is a Vision Creator & Purpose Activator.

She helps people to get clear and activate their purpose and mission in life, so they can live fully aligned with their dreams and the reason they came here for.

She works with early stage entrepreneurs to get clear on their vision, helping them to admit their biggest dreams, and finding the first steps of execution that takes them from A to B.

As well as helping established entrepreneurs and CEOs get clear on next steps, vision, expansion,

and help them become more confident and profitable.

She works with her clients on all things being open to find clients, sabotaging patterns when it comes to success, and all things money.

It’s the combination of those three that Franziska calls "The Prosperity Formula", because only if all three are in alignemnt with your unconscious belief systems you'll be able to have a highly prosperous business.

She also works with highly successful people in life and business who need a realignment and just don’t feel fulfilled with their life anymore.

You can say she helps people get clear!

Together with them she dreams big and gets real honest with where her clients are at and where they truly want to be. (Beyond the fears and worries of what other people think etc.)

She's the founder of the Floresta Association, a Non for Profit Organization to protect the Amazon rainforest and the people who live there. After having run highly life changing and transformative retreats in the Brazilian jungle for many years, she's now opening her doors for more private coaching and mentoring clients to help them reach their next level in life and business.

“I simply love working with Franziska! She's so heart based and always knows when to push me a bit further out of my comfort zone. She allows me to see things for myself, I didn't even dare to dream of!”

Amber Robertson