What are the Akashic Records?


The Akashic Records are a higher dimensional place of unconditional love, where all information about all life in the universe is stored.


It's a place in the ether where you can meet your guides, soul family, teachers, and masters who all support you on your journey.

Some also call this place the field, the book of life, or spirit.


Through the questions you're asking we tap into communication with those realms, that allows the information to flow from those higher dimensions into ours. 

Those information will support, guide, and ground you in the development of your soul as well as your human self.


You can receive information from previous lifetimes, guides, ancestors, and your higher self - if those are important for your current life circumstances.

The teachers and masters of the Akasha Records will help you to see beyond the veil of limitations, and support you to release limiting blockages and patterns, which are holding you back from living your highest potential.


It will help you to find guidance and clarity on your soul's journey. 


The Akasha Chronic may give you information about:

- Self Realisation

- Your purpose

- Clarity on next steps in life

- Clarity about a certain situation

- Advice for a relationship

- Health

- Old Blockages and Patterns

- Abundance & Manifestation

- Your soul's path

- Past Lives

At the end of the session you'll have a deeper understanding of self and clear action steps to take so you can implement long lasting change into your life.


60min $USD150,-