What if you had nothing to do but to be?

To be who you want to be in order to become the version of yourself you’re longing for.

What if there was nothing else for you to do but to be?!

Every single day.

...and become who you want to be

BE Magic.


... Allowing yourself to step into your greatness.

Into the future version of yourself that already exists.

In the big soup of possibilities within the quantum field.

You get to choose every day of your life who you want to be and who you want to become.

Again and again.


You’re creating your external world by what it’s going on in your internal world.

Everything you’re sending out comes straight back to you since it goes into resonance with your perception of reality.

If you keep believing the same things about life, yourself, money, success, etc then your life will never ever change.




You have to think, act, and be like the version you want to become in order to achieve whatever it is you desire.

And see it as already done.


That in regards will change your vibration and in return you’re like a magnet for your deepest desires, dreams, and wishes to come true.

It's so easy!


And wait for the relief you'll feel once you understand how simple it gets to be!




It accelerates your growth and your manifestation skills to a whole new level.


And because I want you to be happy, fulfilled, and abundant in every single aspect of your life so you can do what you came here to in the first place…

But many people either don't know how to or old limiting believes and patterns are holding them back from making a massive shift towards more abundance, bliss, joy, and play.

This is where I see those ancient and sacred indigenous tools as one of the biggest gifts our planet has to offer.

They help us to remember.

To release.

And to heal. 


In one of the most beautiful countries of this world.

Staying at an incredible high vibe location!

Doing deep deep inner work and celebrating life like you never have before!

5 Days... YOU & ME! And an awesome bunch of like minded, committed, game changing people!

How does it look like?

  • Delicious, healthy, vegan food.

  • Health workshops to take your wellbeing to the next level.

  • Stunning all incl. luxury accommodation.

  • Daily movement practice that you can easily apply at home.

Because a strong mind needs a strong and healthy body!

Make Your Life a Ceremony!

Because there's more to life than the physical realm!

  • Kambo & Rapé Ceremonies.

  • Rebirthing.

  • Drum Journeys.

  • Meditations.

  • Activations.

  • Healing, Transforming, and Releasing.

Creating Magic Together!

And all things MINDSET!

  • Interactive workshops.

  • Journaling your way to infinite love, abundance, and wealth.

  • And the biggest Manifestation Secrets.

  • Guided meditations to meet the future you and speed up your game.

...Plus super amazing extras:

  • Tribal painting

  • Photo shoot

  • Workbook to take home 

  • Big celebration on last evening

  • Airport transfer

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are - or, as we are conditioned to see it.”

Who is this for?

This is for people who

  • are ready for a big shift in their lives

  • are committed to doing the work

  • are high vibe and ready to play

  • are open for indigenous healing methods

  • know that there has to be more!

  • are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in life

  • want to open their heart even more

  • are ready to receive the miracles this life has to offer

  • know they have a higher calling to live

  • just know they're here for a reason and ready to share their mission with the world

  • are here to make an impact so together we can create paradise on earth

  • love to celebrate life!

And who am I?

I am your tour guide on the journey home to yourself!

I am a human who love celebrating life every single day.

I am an international Speaker, High Level Mindset Coach, and a certified Kambo Practitioner.​

Helping people to remember who they truly are is my mission. What it means to be human. How much bliss, joy, and play life on this beautiful earth has in store for us.

Recognising their soul, their own divinity and worthiness at the same time.

I help them to overcome their fears so they can become more self confident and self loving to be the leader of their own life - in all areas.

Mediorce was never enough for me.

So I've started my own business with 24.

SInce then I have been working internationally with thousands of people worldwide. I have been speaking on the biggest stages in Australia, giving workshops all over the world, and always follow my soul's purpose.

I support people to step up in their lives, taking over responsibility for everything, so they can achieve things beyond they thought was possible. 

So together we can create our very own paradise on earth!

Are you ready to come and play in the most magnificent location ever?

Then come and join us in COSTA RICA for this one of a kind retreat...

... Where the latest and most life changing MINDSET SECRETS meet indigenous healing modalities!

Then come and join us in COSTA RICA for this one of a kind retreat...

And I show and teach you basically everything I learnt over the last couple of years:

Every single technique.

All about the energies of food and holistic health.

Indigenous and sacred healing modalities.

Everything about deep mindset work and manifestation super powers.

Energy work.

Magic: BEing instead of doing.

And so much more!


October 1-6 2018


Costa Rica,

Santa Teresa


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