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Workshop One: Ethics & Responsibility in the Indigenous Healing Ceremony


The culture and trend of healing with indigenous wisdom and ceremonies in general, and sacred plant medicines in particular, is exploding rapidly in popularity all around the world. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the effects this is having on the indigenous populations from where such ancient healing modalities come. Get a handle on the issues faced by indigenous plant medicine populations when it comes to money, culture, traditions, territory, and much more…


Many times we have good intentions by sharing what we’ve learnt with others. And sometimes we are not aware of what cultural appropriation means. 


Asking questions such as,

“How can we challenge the patterns of extraction of knowledge, culture and purity within these communities?”

This workshop is a very powerful conversation and explores topics that we may see as rather uncomfortable, whilst being so important to discuss!

Learn practical and pragmatic tips and tools that you as a journeyer OR a practitioner can implement immediately to be sure you are approaching this sacred path of indigenous healing ceremonies with ethics and responsibility. Explore the possibility of making friends with living indigenous populations and set your heart on fire! Go as deep or as shallow as you like, but rest assured of the example you will be setting when it comes to good practice that is bathed in ethics and responsibility.


We always hear of the necessity for adequate preparation and integration, but what about the art of application?

Drink in the wisdom of our decades of experience and learn how to fully prepare yourself (and your subconscious mind), and thousands of others, for a ceremony experience, as well as how to become an integrated embodiment of the lessons you learn inside the ceremony space. 


In our first class we talked about all things responsibilities when working and learning from the wisdom of indigenous communities. We believe our most important responsibility is to actually apply what we learn and take action towards making the relevant changes in our lives.


Most importantly, receive practical and pragmatic tools for being able to overcome any resistance in applying said lessons to your everyday life, gaining momentum and truly stamping home the change you set out to achieve when you first signed up for your ceremony experience!

If you are an organizer or practitioner, use this workshop to enhance your practice and offerings with solid, proven techniques for efficient preparation and integration of the ceremony experiences you offer. And be sure to set your clients off on the very best foot upon leaving your ceremony space!

Workshop Two: Preparation, Integration, and Application (of any ceremonial work that has the potential to change your life)


Workshop Three: Trauma & Ceremony

We all know that indigenous healing ceremonies can bring to the surface that which needs to be looked at from the deeper, darker places within us. Everything we experience in those ceremonies is already within us. We can be faced with our deepest fears as well as long hidden trauma.


If we don’t take the correct precautions and implement the correct preparations for dealing with any trauma that may arise inside the ceremony space, we run the risk of exacerbating said trauma and coming out the other side of our ceremony experience worse than when we went in!


We are extremely passionate about trauma informed support, not just for our participants, but even more so for organizers and facilitators, since this aspect of ceremonial work hasn’t gotten as much attention as it should have in the past.

Having people remember such traumatic incidences as sexual abuse in childhood, abduction, or physical violence, is to be taken extremely seriously and understanding the impact trauma has on our body, mind, and soul is crucial when working with such powerful tools.


Use this workshop to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the nature of trauma, and to receive tools and techniques for dealing with it - before and after your ceremony experience.

If you’re a practitioner, use this workshop to prepare yourself fully and adequately to deal with trauma of varying levels of gravity. Gain a more deep and intimate understanding of the root causes of trauma, how it plays out in the life of a human being and, most importantly, how to efficiently treat it and heal it by way of our sacred healing ceremonies!


Bringing everything back to taking over full self-responsibility, this class will have you deepen your understanding and capacity to support yourself and others on the journey of self-healing.


We believe that any and every organizer and practitioner should at least have taken part in some sort of trauma informed course, so that safety is always the number one value in your practice.

Your Facilitators


Marc-John Brown

Marc-John Brown has been a practitioner of modern shamanism since 2008. With a background in translation and interpretation and as a soon-to-be qualified anthropologist, he has travelled all around the world, spending years in South America (Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru) and extended periods of time in Asia (South Korea and Malaysia), deeply connected to the Earth’s wisdom and shoulder-to-shoulder with the local Indigenous populations.


Throughout this time, he has gained a rare level of trust and rapport with the first people of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Korea and Malaysia thanks to his linguistic capacities and a deep respect for their traditions and the land on which they stand.


Since choosing to fully embrace his calling, Marc-John has gained a level of understanding of traditional Earth-based wisdom traditions that very few people have attained.


Marc-John is now an apprentice of the ancient millenary healing wisdom lineage of the Shipibo-Konibo tribe of the Peruvian Amazon, which is strongly allied with a number of profoundly wise and benevolent master plant spirits.


He has developed a deep respect and relationship with the healing plants of the Shipibo lineage through rigorous dieting with master plants including Ayahuasca, the grandmother of all psychoactive plant medicines, and one that has activated a global renaissance of Indigenous wisdom and culture.


Marc-John is also a qualified life coach and brain-based somatic practitioner. He lives in Peru's Sacred Valley with his Peruvian-Andean wife and two children where he continues to merge his teachings with today’s world.

Franziska is a Vision Creator, Trauma Therapist, as well as the CEO and founder of both Floresta Association and The Institute of Indigenous Wisdom.

She helps people to move through deep emotional processes to find inner peace, love, and hope.

Franziska supports people on their journey of finding their purpose and mission in life so they can experience happiness and fulfillment.

She works with entrepreneurs to get clear on their vision, helping them to admit their biggest dreams, and finding the first steps of execution that takes them from A to B.

Together with them she dreams big and gets real honest with where her clients are at and where they truly want to be. (Beyond the fears and worries of what other people think etc.)

Her heart beating for the protection and conservation of the Amazon rainforest, she founded the Floresta Association, a Non for Profit Organization to protect the Amazon rainforest and the people who live there.


Her latest venture is The Institute of Indigenous Wisdom,  a Non-Profit Organization, a platform, an online library, for indigenous voices to be heard and for people from all around the world to have access to.

So together we can learn, grow, and change.


Franziska Freitag

How does it work?


You join one, two, or all three of our workshop style online conversations.

Once you purchased your ticket we'll send you the welcome and info email within the next 24hrs.

You'll receive the Zoom link and a friendly reminder 24hrs prior to our call.

We'll open a Telegram Group for conversations within the community and also for you to leave questions in case you won't make it to the Q&A part.

Every call has 2hrs of content, shared both by Marc-John and Franziska and a 30min Q&A at the end, making it 2.5hrs in total.

Calls will be recorded and will be accessible for a lifetime.

To make this as personal as possible we ask everyone to turn on their videos when joining.

Come join:

Workshop Two: Preparation, Integration, and Application 


Workshop Three: Trauma & Ceremony


Or join all three for a discounted price!


10% of the proceeds are going towards Floresta Association.

We can't wait for you to join us on this super special experience!

Workshop One:

Ethics & Responsibility In the Indigenous Healing Ceremony Space