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Is there this one thing in your life that drives you crazy?

Where you feel stuck and no matter what you do nothing seems to help?

An area you need clarity in like right now?

Maybe this is about an important business decision, or a relationship in your life? (Partner, husband/wife, business partner, colleague, your parents, or maybe even your relationship with money & success?

Maybe you feel stuck in life in general?

Sometimes all it takes is 2.5 hrs, someone who helps you go deep real fast, asks you some extremely good questions, and is able to take you to a place within your unconscious mind, where all the answers you need reside.

Transformation can happen in a moment when facilitated the right way.

A topic you've been carrying around your entire life can be resolved in a short period of time - when known how to.

A lot of change happens in those sessions!

Within two - 2.5 hours we're releasing whatever it is that's keeping you stagnant: Trauma, limiting beliefs, the fear of what others might think - you name it.

We'll find clarity on business challenges as well as in your private life.

After the session you'll walk away with a whole lot more clarity, feeling lighter, and a new feeling of hope and happiness being rein-stored into your being.

Most common aspects & blockages we look at when working with me:

  • Getting clear on your purpose and next evolution in life

  • What brings you the biggest fulfillment in life, the "there gotta be more"

  • Clarity - Clarity -Clarity

  • Self worth and what do you allow yourself to receive / what do you think you’re worthy off.

  • Belief systems around:

    • Clients & Results

    • Success

    • Money

  • Business: Important decisions, colleagues, business partners, next ​steps

  • Relationships in Life

  • The fear of being seen, judgment of others, fully expressing yourself

  • Sales: self worth, believing in yourself, service, & product, not making it about yourself.

  • YOUR WHY!!!

  • Giving back and the circulation of money and resources

  • The practice of gratitude and connection with source, nature & the earth/universe

All of this I call THE PROSPERITY FORMULA aka thriving in this human experience on your terms, while being fully in alignment with your dreams & purpose, giving back big time and living in balance and harmony with Mama Earth.

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Who's this for?

This is for:


  • People who feel stuck in any or multiple of the above mentioned areas

  • People who feel scared to take a very important decision in life and/or business

  • People who want to know what the next big step in expanding their business

  • People who want to improve their relationship with money, success, and getting more clients

  • People who know that something is blocking them but can't figure out what it is

  • People who are facing issues in their relationships (partner, parents, children, friends, business partners, employees, managers, parents, family)

  • People who feel like they looked at "the thing" from all different perspectives but still can't figure out how to solve it

  • People who feel like they've tried everything but nothing seems to work


How does it work?

These are one of the most effective, fastest, and many times life changing sessions to get real change real fast.

After having worked with thousands of people from all around the world and having studied many different modalities in catalyzing change and creating transformation, it's those sessions that are always on high demand as they bring you tangible results real fast.

A combination of timeline re-imprint, systematic constellations, NLP, and energy work we enter the space of your unconscious mind where all the answers you need in life reside.

In this session, we clear fears, trauma, family and relationship dynamics, ancestral patterns, sabotaging patterns, unconscious contracts and agreements, and bring your highest self in realignment with your human self.

We find access to the things you really want to do and get so much clarity on why things were the way they were and what steps there are to be taken in the future.

It's a process Franziska has been perfected over the period of seven years and is able to take people through massive transformation in a short period of time within 2.5 hrs.