Floresta Ass. Retreat:

Meet the Yawanawa

26 May - 2nd June 2021

San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Are you ready to remember who you truly are?

To journey home to yourself...

Release your fears.

And become who you really are!

Xava in Yawanawa language means illumination: Let's illuminate the parts inside ourselves that we haven't dared to look at for so long. That we had forgotten. Bring those parts love, light, and illumination. Let's grow and heal together. Let's remember.

I’m very excited to invite you on this magical journey to Mexico, as well as onto a journey into your own inner world and into your heart.


Many times our lives out here get so busy, the noises and distractions in our head so loud, that we end up completely disconnected from our heart and soul. 


I feel very honored to share this journey with you, where you can reconnect with yourself, nature, like minded community, and the beautiful Yawanawa people.


Here you can free your mind, tap into infinite possibilities, and listen deeply to your heart’s desires.


This is a very special opportunity where we’ll be living, learn from, heal, laugh, and celebrate life with the people of the Yawanawa tribe.


Here we can find our balance, study their rich and joyful culture as well as their way of working with the sacred medicines from the forest: Uni (Ayahuasca), Kambo, And Rapé.


Combining these ancient healing modalities with a modern day holistic healing approach is what makes this journey so special:


A 14 day journey, deep into the Brazilian Rainforest to participate in traditional ceremonies, a Kambo dieta, rapé initiations, receive plant baths, get body painted, songs and ancient story telling, make our own Uni, and connect deeply as tribe in a safe and strong container, where we can share our deepest fears, worries, heal, laugh and cry together as we remember who we truly are as human beings having a spiritual experience on this planet.


A time in which we can deeply align to our soul’s mission, connect with the spirit of the forest, letting go of old believes and limitations that are keeping us small, stepping into a whole new level of our lives.


All together this is an experience of a life time and I feel deeply humbled and honoured to share this with every single one of you and the Yawanawa people.

Who are the YAWANAWA?

The Yawanawa live in Brazil, in the state of Acre, deep in the Amazon. 

Yawanawa means “The people of the wild boar”.


They have lived on their land for centuries and their way of life is developed from their ancestors. Community and the connection to nature is what they need in order to be happy.

A connection we are so urgently seeking today.


The rainforest is also their pharmacy. The spiritual leaders know of the powers of the medicinal herbs and plants from the forest. The forest is a very magical place and there’s a lot for us to learn.


The Yawanawa have a lot of respect for the land and take over the responsibility to look after it.


They’re very joyful and open people. For them the balance is what’s important in life, to find your equilibrium.

It’s the community that makes the Yawanawa culture so special. The way of living as one big family, very much connected to their spiritual self. Loving and supporting each other as well as constant communication about things that need to be handled is where we as a western society can find big healing if we wish.

For the Yawanawa Rapé is the major medicine. It's the strongest medicine they work with. It's very grounding and has the 

strongest healing power. It brings ones energies back together into the present moment. Being with the Yawanawa one can really study this medicine and part of the study is to receive a Rume initiation. The initiation is a very strong and powerful 

process in which we'll receive the strong force of the rapé by applying the medicine various times, made with special prayers. This initiation process is optional for those who feel the calling.

Uni (Ayahuasca)
Uni is the drink they have been using since the very beginning of time. Ayahuasca can take us on a at times challenging and revelatory journey through to our heart and soul, enabling us to unblock long held trauma, fear, hostility, anger, hatred and pain.

The medicine  works at the level of the physical body by directly cleansing and eliminating toxins and unwanted parasites. 

It is common when purging these entities for us to vomit, defecate, cry, yawn and laugh. Everyone will respond differently 

to Ayahuasca depending on what their body is needing to release.

It also works at the level of the psyche and emotions, allowing the negative aspects of one’s personality to be purged and 

released. Ayahuasca will help us to determine which wounds we are needing to heal and give us the strength and courage 

to purge all that is stifling our growth and human potential.
The sacred medicine Ayahuasca also works at the level of the spirit.

It is common for us to experience visions and to receive direct guidance from non-physical spiritual teachers after drinking the Ayahuasca brew. Ayahuasca can create a clear passage between our waking 

reality and a non-physical plane, allowing us to access wisdom from deep within and outside of ourselves. This wisdom can then be used to 

transform our everyday reality into one where we are more courageous, authentic, loving, powerful, intuitive and creative.

In the village the Uni traditionally is brew fresh before a ceremony and we have the opportunity to accompany the process 

of preparation. Many times we have the blessing to drink native vine that has been growing in the middle of many other 

medicinal plants and has been blessed by animals and birds of the forest.

Kambo is a holistic body detoxification process which brings clarity to all levels of our being. It strengthens the immune 

system and rids the body from heavy metals, fungal and viral dis-eases, parasites, bacteria and other toxins. Kambo soothes headache, lifts mental fog, removes negative moods and thought patterns, and increases motivation, focus and concentration. It gives us energy and positivity and aids in depression and 

chronic pain.

Kambo is a traditional healing method of the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazon using the secretions of 

Pyllomedusa Bicolor, the bicoloured tree-frog. It is an ancient healing that has been used for thousands of years, which has now caught Western attention  as an 

enriching and deep alternative healing method. Kambo is now used all over the world  for all sorts of different ailments, in 

order to free and transform the body, mind and soul.

The Medicines of the Jungle

What's included?


  • Preparation questionnaire and info sheet with essential information about the retreat, what and how to prepare beforehand etc.

  • -> Together we'll take your life apart and put it back together in the way you truly wish for!

  • 2 week group preparation: One private & one group call before the retreat, PLUS lots of sharings and connections within our private Whatsapp group!!!

  • Assisting you with flights and logistics 


The Retreat:


  • ​7 days at an amazing retreat place 20min from San Miguel De Allende

  • Food & Accommodation (Different price options)

  • 4 Uni (Ayahuasca ceremonies),

  • Temazcal

  • 1x Kambo

  • Story telling

  • Teachings of the songs

  • Face paint

  • Horse Back Riding

  • Hiking to a dead volcano

  • Painting class

  • Guided Meditations

  • Yoga

  • Conversations (Coaching) 24hrs/day

  • Guidance throughout the entire time 

  • Energy work, Breathwork, and Movement while we are there.

  • Translation

  • and so much more.



  • 4 week (and life long) community & Whatsapp support to help you integrate your experience: weekly emails & videos, one private & one group call after the retreat PLUS lots of sharings and connections within our private Whatsapp group!!!

Please let us know if you like us to help you book a shuttle and/or accommodation here in San Miguel De Allende before and after. Also we can recommend some really cool things to do in and around SMA also.


Our Accommodation

Different people have different needs.

We have different options for the accommodation that you can choose from:


Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 6.39.52 PM.jpe


This is a very special opportunity to experience ancient healing modalities of sacred plant medicine in their original habitat in combination with modern day western holistic healing approaches.

This is important to allow a gentle and deep journey into the depth of ourselves and face, release, and heal fears, trauma, and old wounds that at times we haven't dared to look at for many years.


We believe that in order to create the biggest and sustainable change it is very important to take enough time to prepare for this journey as well as the time to integrate and embody those experiences after.

This is what we are here for to support you with.

So you can journey as deep into your inner world as possible, in the strongest and safest container possible.

We at Jungle Magic Retreats believe in holding space.

Only when we feel safe, seen, and heard, that's when we can find the deepest healing and awakening that our hearts and souls are yearning for.

It's our aim to help you process those life changing experiences and help you integrate and embody them in the highest form possible so you gain the most out of this journey.

Who is this for and what will you take home with you after the retreat?


About who you truly are, why you came here, and your soul's purpose and where you want to go next in life.


Trauma, old wounds, fears, worries, self doubts, your ancestral line, cellular memory, and your nervous system. To find peace, joy, and happiness in life.


In who you are, internally & externally. You'll find yourself with a whole new level of self worth, deeply believing in yourself, and experiencing your enough-ness to create anything you desire in life!


It takes one courageous soul to go on this journey and face your deepest and darkest parts of your inner world. 

Self acknowledgment for who you are is a big part of this journey.


Your soul essence, your true origin, your divinity, and oneness with all beings.


About who you are, this world, and about what's really important in life.


Deepen the connection with yourself and others, while establishing healthy boundaries, and opening your heart for true love for yourself and the people in your life.


Of self and why your life is the way it is and most importantly how to change it!

Feeling like you can breathe again and a new sense of lightness all around you.


A whole new sense of energy, drive, divine guidance, and deeper meaning of life.


Connecting with like minded people and experience what it truly means to have a tribe around you that loves you unconditionally, exactly the way you are.

(Of course all of the above can vary from person to person as this is a very individual journey and experience.)

What others have to say...

"I don't even have words to describe the Jungle Magic experience. Journeying to the jungle with Franzi and her wildly beautiful and loving support team (Warren, Irina, Hannah, Jamie, James) is something you can not go this lifetime without experiencing. For us to be existing in such a time where we are Abel to be welcomed by the ancient tribes of the Amazon, to learn and experience their medicine first hand, learn the history, culture, and live as they live- it is rare and preserved, authentic and unique and may may not always be accessible with such intimacy. The Yawanawa are the most generous people, with hearts of magic and they will be your guides, protection, laughter and guardians in this journey. This is seriously a once in a lifetime opportunity, unless you get the chance to return (which I for sure will be!!) I will be returning for the most powerful love I've ever felt, For a deep connection to the jungle and it's creatures For deep deep healing For family like no other For the laughs, tears, food, fun, the river, the tribe, for all of it. It for those who are ready to expand. You don't need to be young or experienced or with a friend or confident or even feel ready at all. But if you hear the call, listen, it will be the most deeply transformative choice you'll make. I am grateful beyond words and miss the jungle already xxxxxxxxxx Thankyou Franzi for holding the torch"

Kalya Thomson Dudding, Founder Attunion Bodywork

Together we are raising funds for Hushahu to build a new Healing Centre in the Amazon. This is the first event of many more that will follow in the next few weeks. As much as ceremony weekends and retreats. For more details on this please email us at hallo@franziskafreitag.de and we can share more information with you soon!

Spending an intimate and highly transformative time together, we take it very seriously to get to know everyone who comes to our retreats. Let's chat!



Personally I believe that plant medicine is the most effective when combined with a well looked after integration period. Since the real work only starts after this experience and it doesn't matter how much medicine experience you have. It's the integration of the experiences that will help you to embody all the new learning and teaching so you can start to embody this new version of yourself sustainably - NO MATTER HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE.

I also know that this is not for everyone and some people who are interested in this retreat have a lot of medicine experience and may feel like they don't necessarily need support during their integration.

This is why I offer an integration coaching package for those who feel called to dive even deeper and create long lasting change in their lives.

Being certified with many different modalities as a coach and having worked internationally with thousands of people from all around the world it's this work, guiding people back home to themselves, helping them to live a happy and fulfilled life, showing them how they can live their biggest dreams...

... is what makes me happiest the most every single day.

For more information on integration packages please click here: