Who doesn't love it?

Energy work.

That nurturing, calming feeling that you can feel in your entire body and being even days after the session, once our energy is balanced again.

The light body activation is an energy work treatment and also works wonderfully over distance. This is a newly received method of cell activation in the body that I learned during an Ayahuasca journey in the Amazon. It will help your energetic bodies to upgrade and release anything that's been holding you back from your next step in you personal evolution.


Here, new codes that I have received in the Amazon will be passed on to you so that your bodies can take the next step in their journey. Almost an activation, or a small nudge


I love the energy so much since it allows me to feel exactly what's happening in the other person. This very intimate work with the soul of a person is super special and sacred to me.

Through many images and visions the soul communicates with me and allows me to be the channel for deep cellular healing as well as activation of the parts of ourselves that have been sleeping so far.


Old patterns and blockages get released and more light is absorbed into our cellular memory, activating the light body so you can become more light yourself.


60min $USD120,-