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The world is out of balance as we have forgotten the old ways.

The wisdom of the ancient ones.

It’s up to us now to reawaken this wisdom within ourselves.


The power lays with the people.

And people we are many.


So let’s come together.

To heal.

To offer our prayer and gratitude to the world.

The Earth.

Out Mother.

Nature herself.

The plants, the animals, the people.


Together we’re many and we’re powerful.


Come join us to offer our love, respect, gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgement to the world we walk on:

Our home.

Our lives.

Our caretaker.


It’s time.

Beautiful Nature

Why do we need to pray?

For millions of years the Earth has been in harmony and balance.

Only recently we, as human beings, habe started to exploit her.

We take, and take, and take.

The old ways have been forgotten.


And now is the time to give back.

Are you with me?

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To
Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

Who’s this for?

  • For anyone who wants to give back love, appreciation, respect, and acknowledgment to the Earth and it’s people.

  • People looking for healing. This is a very strong and powerful container. A lot of healing will happen within it if you’re open for it.

  • People looking for community 

  • People who’re ready to give back.

Please note:

This is a free event for people from all walks of life.

Ethnicity, color, race, religion, and political orientation do not matter here.

Everyone is welcome. 

Come with an open heart and an open mind.

Matsini Yawanawa

Matsini, the Casique (Chief) of Aldeia Mutum, grew up in Mutum, studying with his teachers, walking the medicine path.


Matsini normally facilitates year round with groups dietas as well as different retreats in Mutum, sharing his prayers and traditions with a few close students, and is focused on NGO work with us now via Floresta Association, our non-profit organization that was founded together.


He comes from a very powerful lineage and his healings, prayers, and songs carry wisdom beyond this world.

It's an honor to have Matsini working with us.

Women Holding Hands


Can I bring my friends?

Of course!


How long will it take?
We don’t know! Maybe around an hour or two.


Are spots limited?

No. Never.


Can I join when I’m super new to this and have never meditated before?



Do I need to prepare anything?

If that’s the case we’ll email you with plenty of time beforehand.