RE◦connect - Change your life NOW!

What is this about?

You and me. Eight hours. Getting straight on where you're at, where you want to be and how to build the bridge from A to B.


This is for people who want to get real and are ready to break through their limitations and fears in a short period of time. People who decide they want it all... NOW.

This one-day intensive workshop is about radical change - NOW! Franziska knows for herself that if there's something in her life she wants to change, she doesn't want to read books about it, she doesn't want to figure it out by all herself. She wants to save time, she wants it NOW, and she just wants someone to tell her how!

Change happens in a moment, so why waste time when we are ready for it?

That is why she created this one-day intensive, to save people time. She knows how busy your life gets, and she wants to create the biggest change in the shortest amount of time (with the most amount of fun while doing it)!

This day will give you all the tools you need to make a massive shift in your life, may it be around your mindset, your health, your lifestyle, your relationships or your leadership.

Most common aspects we look at when working with me:

  • A current challenging situation you're facing in private life with partner/wife/husband, a work situation with employee, employer, colleague, finding clarity on how to move forward in business 

  • What's next in life, what's your purpose, deeper meaning?

  • Self worth and what do you allow yourself to receive / what do you think you’re worthy off.

  • Belief systems around:

    • Clients & Results

    • Success

    • Money

  • Relationships in Life

  • The fear of being seen, judgment of others, fully expressing yourself

  • Sales: self worth, believing in yourself, service, & product, not making it about yourself.

  • YOUR WHY!!!

  • Giving back and the circulation of money and resources

  • The practice of gratitude and connection with source, nature & the earth/universe

All of this I call THE PROSPERITY FORMULA aka thriving in this human experience on your terms, while being fully in alignment with your dreams & purpose, giving back big time and living in balance and harmony with Mama Earth.

What does it look like?

Leadership - Mindset - Business - Fulfillment - Purpose


You and Franziska. One-on-one! Eight hours.

Getting straight to where you are currently, where you want to be, and how to build the bridge from A to B.

This is for people who want to get real and are ready to break through their limitations and fears in a short period of time. People who decide that they want it all... NOW.

During the first half of the day we will explore all things mindset! A reality check. We dive deep into your unconscious, finding the belief patterns and presuppositions that you are operating your life from. We focus on those that limit you and are responsible for you not having what you want yet. You might not even be aware of these yet. We confront your inner self-saboteur. We'll find them, acknowledge them, and let them go.

We'll be diving deep into your value system, as this is the key for living an aligned life with ease and grace. You'll never feel content as long as you don't know what your values are. You may even be living with other people's values, like your parents' and friends', as we tend to take over values of other people when we admire them.

Franziska will share with you her secrets about the daily mindset routine she has developed and been following for a long time. One that gets her massive results in the shortest period of time possible. This is very important as your whole being has to be aligned with the highest version of you that you want to become.

The second half of the day is all about action! Setting realistic goals and a step-by-step plan to get to from A to B!

I'll share with you all my secrets about manifesting with you as we are creator beings and it's up to us to call in that abundance we're looking for. Whereas the first half of the day is all about being, this part is about doing!

Franziska will be asking you questions like "Who do you have to become to live the life you want?"

After eight hours of intense and highly transformative work you'll be quite tired but so much more motivated and aligned with your path. You'll feel the fire burning again, ready to take massive action to have the life you always wanted!

Who is this for?

This is for people who want massive change - NOW.


Who know that they're done with wasting time figuring everything out themselves.

They want to save time so they can have the life they truly want right here, right now.


They are ready and know they deserve more.

They just know, there has to be MORE to life!


People who come to this workshop are ready to become the leader they were born to be.


They are ready to take over responsibility for everything in their life and ready to take massive action!

They are hungry for change, they can’t wait for it, and they're ready to get out of their comfort zones to do so!