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The Path of the Warrior

- Initiating and reconnecting men with their true masculine power -
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Coach Carter. 
Are you ready for the biggest adventure of your life?
To connect with your inner warrior so you can truly become the man you were always meant to be?
Facing your deepest fears so you can connect with your primal masculine life force that’s holding all the power you need in your life?

Than come and join us on the adventure of a life time! A journey into the depth of the Amazon jungle - no electricity, no reception, no showers, no toilets.


Meeting the indigenous people of the land: The matse tribe, or the Jaguar People how they call themselves.

Learning how to survive with very basic materials, experiencing their culture and traditions. And working with their sacred medicine Kambo - or Sapo how they call it.

Having spend a lot of time with the indigenous cultures of the Amazon i came to understand many of the issues we are facing in our western world.


We’ve lost our initiations.

We became comfortable in our comfort zone.

We stopped being courageous and we don’t dare to face our fears.


Instead we’re living mediocre lives full of scarcity.


Yes, I’m very passionate about men. I want men to thrive, I want to see them in their power, in their true masculine essence.

I want them to be fulfilled and happy, ecstatic in their lives.


This is only possible when men are connected to their hearts. When they allow themselves to feel. And a lot of them are simply afraid of that.


This is why I’m taking this very small and intimate group of men into the Amazon jungle: to learn from those tribes, their culture, traditions and medicines.


To help us understand who we are. Who we were always meant to be. And how we can step into the powere we’ve been afraid of for long enough now.

What is Kambo?

Kambo is a holistic body detoxification process which brings clarity to all levels of our being. It strengthens the immune system and rids the body from heavy metals, fungal and viral diseases, parasites, bacteria and other toxins. Kambo soothes headache, lifts mental fog, removes negative moods and thought patterns, and increases motivation, focus and concentration. It gives us energy and positivity and aids in depression and chronic pain.


Kambo (also known as Sapo) is a traditional healing method of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon using the secretions of Pyllomedusa Bicolor, the bicoloured tree-frog. It is an ancient healing that has been used for thousands of years, which has now caught Western attention as an enriching and deep alternative healing method. Kambo is now used all over the world  for all sorts of different ailments, in order to free and transform the body, mind and soul.


Kambo is used by the indigenous peoples as a “vaccination”. It is usually administered before hunting to heighten the sensitivity of the sense organs, and as treatment for dis-ease like malaria, infection and inflammation (such as from snake bites), and to cleanse “Panema”. Panema is seen as dark or negative energy. Everything becomes clearer when Panema is removed; obstacles can be easily overcome and life enters Flow state more readily. 

Women use the frog secretions as treatment for infertility and other problems of the reproductive organs.  

Learning how to survive with very basic materials, experiencing their culture and traditions. And working with their sacred medicine Kambo - or Sapo how they call it.

This trip is all about reconnecting you with your true masculine essence. To crack your heart wide open, allowing you to feel your fears, move through them, so you come out the other side to experience he deepest bliss, fulfillment, and happiness possible.


It’s about connecting you with your sexual energy, helping you to step into your power - and once rediscovered - how to use and work with it to live a life of deepest fulfillment and intensity. It’s an initiation.


An initiation into manhood that we as a western society have forgotten about. Which still is a big pet of the indigenous cultures. It’s a rite of passage. For you to become the man you always wanted to be.


A warrior: strong and powerful. But only when you open your heart and face your deepest fears you’ll be able to step into that desire. Full embodiment.

Who is this for?


This trip is absolutely not for everyone!


It’s only for men who are truly ready to step into their masculine power, their strength and wilderness.


Who are brave enough to face their deepest fears. Only when we look at our fears we create success on a whole new level never thought possible. In our private life as well as in business and career.


It’s for men who want a break from their busy and stressful western life, experiencing something they’ve never seen before.


This is for men who are ready to become warriors. Warriors of love and warriors of courage. Then this is what it takes: a lot of strength and courage to discover your inside world which is just as adventurous as the Amazon jungle.

A warrior: strong and powerful. But only when you open your heart and face your deepest fears you’ll be able to step into that desire.


Full embodiment.

What’s included and how does it look like? G


oing hunting, fishing, and learning from the traditional people of the matse tribe how to survive in the jungle.


Sitting around the fire, listening to stories and legends told by the elders.


Participating in sacred medicine rituals that today are still used as a rite of passage into menhold.


Making our own bows and arrows that we then we’ll be using on our hunts. Workshops about sacred sexuality and finding the true masculine power within.


Kambo ceremonies to face and release our deepest fears so we can create even more success in our lives and business.


Finding a power and a strength we didn’t know existed.


Participating in a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony


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