You've just come out of a plant medicine experience and now your world is upside down and you need support with your integration?

Or you've been working with these master teachers for a while and still find yourself struggling in the same areas of life?

Personally I believe that plant medicine is the most effective when combined with a well looked after integration period. Since the real work only starts after this experience and it doesn't matter how much medicine experience you have.


It's the integration of the experiences that will help you to embody all the new learnings and teaching so you can start to embody this new version of yourself sustainably - NO MATTER HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE.

These plants are here to help us remember.
To heal.
To learn and be more compassionate towards ourselves and others.

INTEGRATION is all about making sure that we recreate these feelings of oneness, worthiness, and belonging in our every day life through NEW CHOICES WE MAKE AND ACTIONS WE TAKE ACCORDINGLY.

They’re not here for another high and then finding a million excuses of why we’re not ready to take action yet.
(Yes every process takes its time but that’s not what I’m talking about.)

Which is essential.
To recreate the experience of your ceremony in your every day life.

So your every day life becomes your ceremony.

These powerful plants are here to open doors but it’s on us to walk through them.

The point of integration and embodying your learnings and teachings before adding another cup in the already stirred up soup of your unconscious mind.
And initially just frying your nervous system doing more harm than good.

So please ask yourself -
Have you given yourself enough time to integrate the teachings and healings you received?
Have you taken action accordingly?
Is it really the medicine calling you or just the need for another high?

Normally I only have been offering this for the people who travel with us to the Amazon. Due to the rising demand I have now decided to open this to the public and I couldn't be happier to make the medicine world a safer place through the right integration of those highly transformative experiences.

Being certified with many different modalities as a coach and having worked internationally with over 2000 people from all around the world it's this work, guiding people back home to themselves, helping them to live a happy and fulfilled life, showing them how they can live their biggest dreams...

... is what makes me happiest the most every single day.


There's three ways you can work with me - tailored to your needs:

Private Integration


Highly recommended for business owners, conscious entrepreneurs, and people with a big mission and vision - to integrate their medicine teachings and healings into their business and beyond.

You know you're here to create big things in the world and are looking for a combination of business and integration coaching to make the most out of your medicine journeys.

You want to tune into your intuition even more, lead your team better, and scale your business to 6-figures and beyond.

Or maybe you're yet to find your purpose and are ready to step into that next phase of your life!

Either way, this will catapult you and your life onto a whole new level of purpose, ease, peace, abundance, and play in your life!

Available either as a one off session or 3 month package.

Group Coaching &


- Online Sharing Circle -

Small and intimate group coaching and online sharing circle.

Max 10 people.

Next group starts March 15th for 3 months.

One 2,5hrs session per month of sharing, coaching, holding space, being nurtured, and held in a safe container to move through your experiences, allow emotions to be released and find clarity on your path and what actions to take to move forward.

Work through blockages, fears, and experience how life can be like when you're held and supported by an awesome group of like minded people who all believe in you.

Meditations and Homework to move you forward included. No more procrastinating, no more self doubt. Thrive in a safe and strong container of like minded awesome human beings!

It's within these containers that we have the space to reflect on our experiences and find clarity of the deeper meaning of life itself.

$222 per month


Monthly Integration Community

This is something we are so very excited about!

The whole team of the Floresta Association (and beyond) teamed up to create this magical container for all of us to come together, share, explore, release, inspire, and integrate our sacred plant medicine experiences.

The highs, the lows, and the lost in space times in between.

All is welcome here and we're collaborating with some pretty epic humans to create this super powerful container for you.

We are all human and it is only natural for us to be longing for community. A place where we can be ourselves. Where we are held, seen, and appreciated for who we are.

So many of us are committed and doing this deep inner work that is not just changing us but the entire planet. And we all deserve the support we need. No matter if we're just coming out of the jungle or whether we are on a medicine break - there's nothing more nurturing than being around like minded people who just get you.

Living in a digital world, many of us travel a lot and it's through this container that we not only can share our experiences and find the support we need, we also can connect with brothers and sister - who are just like us - from all around the world.

Every month will be covering a different topic.

Minimum commitment is 6 months, after that you can resign any time.

What's included?

  • 1 monthly life Q&A

  • 1 monthly live webinar to the topic of the month

  • 1 monthly specialist live webinar

  • 1 monthly meditation

  • In group support for questions in regards to previous ceremonies

  • An epic global community

  • And so much more!

Starting March 15th for only

$33,- per month

Meet your facilitator:


Franziska is a world bridger, a messenger, and a guide - leading people back home to themselves.


"But most of all I'm human!"


She helps people to live their dreams by creating the life they truly desire, tapping into their soul assignment, and becoming the powerful leaders they are.

​So they can live the life they came here for, finding the "more" and that deeper meaning and fulfilment they're longing for.​


Franziska works with business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to change the world. Who are ready to uplevel their life to call in more heart centred success, impact, alignment, and fulfilment in all areas. She does this one on one, through online courses, internationally and has worked with thousands of people worldwide.

She's been speaking on the biggest stages in Australia, giving workshops all over the world, always following her soul's purpose.


Having founded her own non profit organisation, nothing is closer to Franziska's heart than being of service to our planet and our people!