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A weekend retreat where we come together to nourish ourselves, let go of stress, worries, and fears. To heal and to be deeply connected with who we truly are.


We come together to recharge our batteries with good food, amazing community, sharing circles, to unload the fears, heaviness, and worries, movement to reconnect with our bodies, meditations, and nature walks.



In a beautiful setting in Pennsylvania, a 2,5hr drive from New York where all needs are met!

Transport can be organized of course.

With necessary safety measures in place.

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  • This retreat is for women who are ready to step into their beautiful feminine power and to let go of the every day stress, worries, and fears they experience juggling job & business, city life, families, and life in general!


  • It's for women who are ready to receive, being nurtured & pampered in a beautiful house in nature (right on a lake), just a short trip away from NYC.


  • This gathering is for woman, who want to escape the busy city life and need some silence and nature all around to recharge their batteries.


  • It's for women, who want to connect with other like minded women, to feel nurtured, heard, seen, understood, welcomed, and appreciated.


  • And more than that! Acknowledged, celebrated, and loved!


  • Come join us and celebrate together in community, connect with likeminded sisters, allow yourself to be nourished, nurtured, and held.


  • Let's make new friends and remember what it means to be human! Nothing is more powerful than a sisterhood that gets you.

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Do you remember the last time you were laughing so hard you had to hold you tummy as it was shaking and hurting so much?


Do you remember the last time you felt so safe, heard, seen, and held by other women that you got a whole new understanding of what intimacy, friendship, and sisterhood truly means?


Do you remember the last time when you really felt free? Light? And like you could conquer the world?


During this retreat we'll be creating a container for you to experience all of the above. A place where you wont just be filling up your cup, no... we'll bring it to overflow!

And not just that... We'll actually show you how you can do exactly that for yourself in your every day life. So when it's time to go back home, you have a whole new tool set to apply every day.

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Through a specially tailored program to meet your needs!


A combination of time in nature, delicious vegan/vegetarian food, a beautiful venue, a community of incredible like minded woman (spots are limited so we can make sure we all vibe together), mediation & hypnoses to find deep rest, release your fears in sharing circles, and relaxation, sound bath healing, yoga &movement, dance (oh yessss!), gentle breath work, as well as exercises to strengthen your resilience, to open your heart, and to reconnect with yourself.


And so much more!

Franziska Freitag is a human potential expert, mindset coach and the founder of the Floresta Association - a non profit organization with its mission to protect the Amazon and preserve the wisdom of the indigenous people who live there. 


For the last seven years she’s been helping leaders, visionaries, and people who want to change the world, to reconnect with the most important navigation system we have: our heart. So they can tap into their intuition, true power, strength and purpose in life, and create the change they came here for.


Franziska has worked with thousands of people, supporting them to let go of their fears and limiting programs & beliefs, so they can remember who they truly are and use the power of their heart and mind to create the life they’ve always desired. ​


She's been sharing the medicine of Kambo worldwide for over five years - from transformational coaching and holistic health advocacy in Australia, to facilitating retreats with indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon, Tours through the Unites States with indigenous leaders to fundraise and to create awareness of the importance of the Amazon, to her 𝗥𝗘◦𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗰𝘁 workshops and seminars in Europe, she has devoted her life to create massive impact on our planet towards a new thriving, sustainable paradigm. 


She founded the Floresta Association, a non-profit organization devoted to protecting the Amazon rainforest and to share and preserve the wisdom of the indigenous leaders who live there.


... and Co-Facilitator!


Alexandrina (@alxxandrina)

Alexandrina is a sound meditation facilitator, traditional tea ceremonialist, herbalist, and Dr. Usui-lineage reiki master.


Her ongoing studies of ritual and ceremony with indigenous wisdom keepers, and innate connection to the elemental and plant world inspire her to share and cultivate sacred spaces of stillness in pursuit of deepening our relationship to self and to Mother Earth.

Katia Slottke is an embodiment Coach, breathwork specialist, & Bodyworker.

Through her spiritual journey and personal experience, Katia discovered the magic link between the reconnection to oneself and the importance of true embodiment.


She builds the connection with the body through breath and movement and uses these powerful tools for healing and to create LASTING results.


Katia passionately dedicated her life to facilitate great relief from stress, anxiety, and trauma, through a combination of various body-oriented therapies for her clients.


She assists and guides her clients to nourishing relationships, fulfilled sexuality as well as radiant vitality.

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Everything but your journey upstate and back to the city!

  • all meals

  • guided meditations for deep relaxation

  • 𝗥𝗘◦𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗰𝘁 workshops

  • sharing circles & coaching to release the weight on your shoulders, your fears, worries, and the stress in your life

  • self appreciation & finding inner peace exercises

  • yoga, movement, and gentle breathwork

  • relaxation exercises to build resilience

  • nature walks

  • prayers and land blessings

  • accommodation

  • sound healing

  • and so much more!

There will be the option to book private 60min massages (with one of the best body workers we've ever met! Katia Slottke).

As well as Reiki & private Sound healing journeys by New York's finest Alexandrina.

If this is something that you'd like to book please let us know after you've registered.

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Depending on your preferences there are three different options to chose from for your accommodation! The prices listed below are the total cost. Transport to the property and back to the city can be easily arranged also.

Option 1

Single room with queen size bed (only 3 available):


If you'd like to share the room with a friend it's $600 per person.

Option 2

Shared room with two separate beds:


Option 3

Bunk bed in open game room area (only 2 available):


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Super easy!

Please tell us a little more about you and we'll get in touch with you shortly!