Copy of Trusting In Your Intuition - The
Copy of Trusting In Your Intuition - The

Here in Mexico, San Miguel De Allende

- A private 1:1 retreat.

A completely tailored to your needs experience:

Reconnecting with nature and connecting with yourself and the sacred land here, to listen to your heart.

Think horseback riding with the native people and camping on their sacred land.

To find out what it truly is you want to do.

What brings you joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Mindset & Clarity Workshops, Meditations, Massages, Coaching, Soul Remembrance, Releasing trauma, fears, and old and limiting Beliefs, Business & Prosperity, and Deep Healing.

Staying with me in my beautiful house, all things local, hanging out and working from the best cafe’s in town, eating at the most amazing and authentic restaurants, celebrating life over the roofs of the city, you name it!

A mix of local, cultural experience, coaching, life changing and highly transformative conversations as well as exercises all day every day. On a topic that we worked out beforehand. Most people come to work on their purpose, fulfillment, happiness, and of course, business.

If you're an entrepreneur (no matter if you're at the beginning of your journey, or need a realignment in your already super successful business) who wants to scale his/her business we'll be looking at the "Prosperity Triangle" Franziska has developed:

Your fears and belief systems around clients, money, and success.

Only if all three of those are aligned will you be thriving in business. No matter if you're a new entrepreneur, or already super successful and you want to achieve the next level - with one of those being out of alignment within yourself, you want accomplish the goals you actually desire.

No matter if you've actually admitted those dreams and goals of yours to yourself yet or not.

We'll find the clarity on what it is you actually want out of life!

But really we’ll be covering all areas of life, as everything is connected.


To find real joy.

To leave the stress, worries, doubts, and old programs and limitations behind.

Tapping into a whole new version of yourself:


Deeply connected.


Joyful, light, enjoying a childlike curiosity of life that can come when we’re deeply in connection with ourselves, source, and the earth herself.


Who am I?

Who do I want to be?

What do I want to create?

What’s my mission?

My dreams?

My vision for this life and the earth?

Are only some of the questions that we’ll cover while you’re here.


Creating a space where deep healing can happen.

When the soul feels at home.




And held.


A space that’s so safe that we can work on our deepest fears.

The things we haven’t dared to look at for so long.

Releasing trauma from our soul, body, and heart is essential to find more peace and joy within.


How do we do that?



  • Coaching sessions

  • Trauma Release Work

  • Systematic Constellations (Huge for getting clarity in areas you feel stuck in)

  • NLP & Holographic NLP

  • Hypnosis

  • Time Line Reimprint

  • Guided Meditations & Journeys that are beyond healing and life changing.

  • Shamanic Practices from years in the Amazon studying and dieting, learning, and growing as well as receiving many teachings about my work

  • Energy work: Quantum Healing, Reiki, All those teachings I received through working thorough fully with sacred plant medicine,

  • EFT, and so much more!

  • Time in Nature

  • Healthy Food


If we want to change, grow and transform we need to do things differently than we have done them so far.

Different thoughts, different beliefs, different actions, and different habits.

That’s the only way to create long-lasting change.


The easiest way to do that is to change our environment.

And then take back home the new learnings, taking action towards change, and watch our external world realign with our new internal world.


It’s not for nothing that we say “You become the sum of the 5 people you spent most of your time with.”

Here we are reaching goals in a week or so that normally would take months of work.

During this time we’ll be working on everything. Your entire life. We’ll be taking your life apart and putting it back together in a whole new, more aligned, playful version.

Where it gets to be easy, flowing, and full of fun and you.

We figure out where you are at. Where you wanna go.

If that’s including building a business, that’s included as well.

Figuring out a new alignment, the strategy, branding, messaging, and a 3 months action plan.

Whatever it takes!

Where will you be staying?

At my place of course!

In your own private guest room (my favorite room of the house) with private bathroom and separate entrance.

The house is a dream!


Hear what others have to say, they always explain it better!

I don’t even have words to share with you how excited I am for this!

Imagine Mexican food, rooftop dinners, deep connection with someone who gets you and envisions only the best for you.

Who has your back 100% and truly believes in you.

Who holds you through deep emotions, allows you to be utterly and unapologetically yourself, and much more, celebrates you for being you!


Being in such a special environment to create your dream life is priceless!


I create such a special, healing, and life changing space and energy for you, you won’t be the same person when you’re leaving after.


Since this is as private as it gets and we’ll be spending a super intimate time together and I’m inviting you into my home and, life this works by application only.


To find out if this is for you please fill out the form here and we’ll jump on a call to see if this is a match.

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