"Stories are there to be told - I speak to inspire!"

Franziska has been sharing her message on the biggest stages in Australia and loves to inspire her audience with her raw, playful and change-evoking authenticity. 

Her passion to empower people, to guide them beyond their own horizon, and to show them how easy it can be to choose to change their life, leaves them in an all-motivated and heart-centred state, ready to move forward, into a better version of themselves.

Franziska doesn't necessarily tell people what they want to hear, but being very intuitive she always knows what they need from her in order to help them move into a much more resourceful state. 

Having changed her own life tremendously, reaching massive goals in a very short period of time she knows exactly what she's talking about, and understands where people are at so she can then support them to lift themselves up into a much more serving state.

Franziska has not only spoken on the biggest stages in Australia but also on renown podcasts, webinars, and on some of the industry’s leading expert's online programs.

Where does Franziska speak?

Franziska loves speaking in front of large groups of people as she enjoys the energy and magic that is created there.


She also loves to speak in front of smaller, more intimate groups just as much, as this allows her to talk more individually and intuitively to her audience..


Franziska loves sharing her message radiating out her unique energy, inspiring, and empowering people in general, whether in person or online through webinars and podcasts.


"The more people live an empowered life, the better! The more people I reach, the more get empowered."

You can book Franziska for:

  • Guest speaker on webinars

  • Large Conferences and Events

  • Global summits

  • Corporate Events and Conventions

  • TV Appearances and Interviews

  • Large and small workshops and trainings

  • Podcast Interviews

Keynotes Franziska delivers frequently:

The real secret behind manifesting

Have you ever tried positive affirmations, hanging up post-it notes on your mirror saying "You're beautiful" and nothing ever changed? Of course it didn't, because there are too many hidden unconscious beliefs behind it. Many people talk about manifesting but forget the powerful part of how we manifest EVERYTHING in our life constantly - also the negative thought patterns. We are creator beings and so powerful that we create every single second of every day of our life.

Franziska discusses how to truly manifest from your heart and how everyone is able to have everything they want in their lives. She believes the abundant universe is constantly giving and it is only us and our mindset that is sabotaging ourselves from having what we want.

In this easy process she shows people what they need to know in order to manifest their true heart's desires and how to let go of the mindsets that keeps them from having that already.

Skip The Stories - Become the Leader of Your Life

Franziska loves to talk about leadership as it only was when she took over full responsibility of her life, that she really found a way to create massive change and reach huge goals within a very short period of time. She believes that leadership starts with YOU and once we understand what this means it is one of the most empowering tools the transformation and self-development industry has to offer.

Whether you're in a managing position in the corporate world, are managing a team, a family, or a global company - leadership starts with your own life. How you lead yourself and your own life reflects in your leadership elsewhere. 

The time for excuses is over, and now more than ever it's about being the raw and authentic leader you were born to be!

Custom Talk​

There are many other topics Franziska loves talking about and is always open to customise talks for your event.

Possible topics could be:

  • Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

  • Divine Masculine & Feminine 

  • Self Empowerment & Leadership

  • Mindset Secrets

  • How to find your light and shine it bright

  • and more