Not being loved, not feeling safe, not being good enough, or not being wanted are the fears every human being has to challenge for a happy, peaceful, and abundant life.

We find those fears mirrored back at us in our every day life easily:

Not enough money, fear around our relationship, trust issues, fear of commitment, stress & anxiety that makes us sick, and so much more.


In this 120min session we go on a deep journey to find the source of the original fear, that never had the chance to heal properly. To identify it, accept it, love it, and release it.

It's only in this way that change and transformation can happen sustainably.


I've been seeing incredible results in people's life as I have in my own.

Who is this for?


Generally I believe we all carry unresolved emotions in us that are waiting to be healed and released. 

Though this particular session is for people who want to transform the root of what's holding them back in life.

Normally it comes down to either one or even all of these believes and emotions that we formed at some point in our life:

  • Not being good enough

  • Not feeling safe

  • Not feeling loved

  • Not feeling seen/heard

And traumatised inner children, that constantly may be running on survival mode with the impacts of that playing out in our adult life.

You may be experiencing challenges as:

  • Not enough money

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Unhealthy relationships

  • Emotions like anger, loneliness, and depression out of "no reason"

  • Life just not working out the way you want it too

  • Restlessness

  • trust issues

  • not feeling good enough for the life we truly desire

  • fear of commitment

  • stress & anxiety that makes us sick 

How does it work?

Once committed to the session I will send you a little questionnaire to fill out beforehand to get to know you.

The session will start with some breathing exercises and a meditation to slow you down, help you to relax and open up to your unconscious mind.

This is when we tap into a trance state and are open to higher consciousness.

It's only then that we can access memories and emotions that have been locked away for a long time.

Where we can heal, release, and see things from different perspectives.

From here I'll be taking you on a guided journey into your past, back to the event that was the source of the topic that we'll be working on.

You'll be able to look at it from an observing perspective, allowing the emotional charge and (traumatic) experience to be healed, released, and transformed.

Ongoing we'll heal all other following events that were created from there and bring light into your being, changing past, present, and future for good.

Throughout the entire journey you'll be present, communicating with me, feeling safe, and well looked after.

I've been seeing incredible results in people's life as I have in my own.