What others have to say...


"I have just finished a 6 month coaching program with Franzi and am blown away by how far I have come and how much I have shifted in such a short space of time. I had some big goals at the beginning of our journey and was in so much doubt about achieving any of them as I had tried so many times before and had no progress. Franzi was by side the whole way gently guiding me in the right direction and leading me back to my path when I got lost and overwhelmed. She is a guiding light and I am so grateful and thankful to have had her as a coach!"

Natalie Chilvers, Pilates Instructor and Fascial Stretch Therapist

I met Franzi a few years ago. At first she intimidated me. Her big clear blue eyes, the kindness of her being, the clarity in her communication. When spending more time with her this intimidation turned eventually into trust... She has a very precise intuition about how to coach someone and when. She helped me realize some deeply hidden old patterns, release them and finally open up to more intuition, flow and trust in my own life. She is a visionary and her deep connection and aid to and for the Brazilian Amazon touched me and many others. Thank you for being you, Franzi. <3

Handan Schwarzberg,  Owner and Founder at Handan Karadag - Yoga & Körperarbeit


"Working with Franziska was incredible and beyond what I had imagined. The format she taught was great. I could incorporate it very well into my daily activities and the homework was challenging and fun. I had some major insights during this training that I can take with me beyond wealth in terms of money, but to every segment of my life. I have rewritten my story about success and I feel even more empowered to take on this incredibly journey of life. Thank you very much Franzi! You're a rockstar."

Laura Du Bois