Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

Because, what's life without fulfillment?

Let's demystify the whole "purpose game" and bring back the ease to what it actually means and how to find it.

I feel like many times in the online self development world the whole topic of finding your purpose and how to strengthen your intuition makes it to something so complicated and difficult to achieve, when really it is not.

It's never been meant to be complicated.

In fact it's super easy and I really want to show you how to connect with that inner knowing of yours.

Your navigation system.

That we all have.

That's there for a reason.

Follow the path of your highest excitement and you'll always end up at the most magical destinations.

But then...

Comes what I call "The Voice".

Trying to keep you safe.

Not wanting you to expand.

Carrying all the doubts, fears, and worries of the "what if's".

What could happen.

What could go wrong.

All those worst case scenarios.

Sometimes The Voice is your own. Sometimes it's your parents, friends etc.

So in this workshop I will show you how to handle The Voice.

How to listen deeper.

And how to find that trust.

Spoiler alert: It might be very different to what you think is the best way!

Three Women

Who is it for?

This is for people who want to learn more about how to connect deeper with their intuition and why it is so important to listen - especially right now.

It's for those who kind of know what their heart and soul is asking of them but feeling the worries, fears, and doubts on executing the first steps.

The workshop is for you, if you're generally looking for a life full of deep rooted trust, faith, fulfillment, and magic on an every day base.

It's for you if you want to create a deeper connection and relationship with yourself, your dreams, desires, your intuition AND PURPOSE!

What to expect?

In this 2.5 hrs interactive workshop you'll learn all about Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To Finding Your Purpose In Your Life.

A mix of talks, meditation, journal exercises, coaching, sharing circles, and self inquiry leaving you with amazing tools to navigate the inner critique, overcome stress, overwhelm, and self doubt.

We'll dive deep into the questions of

What is your intuition?

How can you find the trust to follow it?

How to work with those fears that want to keep us small?

How to handle your own objectives and those of the people around you?

Get a deeper understanding of where those big dreams of yours are coming from, why they are there, and why it's so important to follow them.

Let's get crystal clear on what it is your intuition is telling you, and how to connect with it even deeper.

And of course celebrating ourselves, life in general, and learning a whole new way  of how to slow down and manifest all the things you desire from an open receptive space.


Why this workshop?

Because now more than ever the world needs more people following their heart.

Their soul.

Their intuition.

So we can all do what we came here for.

We are facing tremendous changes at the moment, isn't it so exciting to be alive at this time of our history?

Many are facing uncertainty, having to let go of how their previous life unfolded and stepping into completely new terrain.

What a blessing!

But of course this also brings challenges.

We've never been taught in school how to trust our intuition.

How to be rock solid in our faith and trust to be always guided, supported, and protected by the universe.

The old ways aren't working any more yet we've never learnt how to surrender into the flow of our soul.

This is why this workshop is so important to me:


To show you how easy it is to follow that inner voice of knowing, this highly advanced technology and navigation system.

Our heart.

Our dreams.

Our intuition. 


What will we cover?

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

Demystifying intuition.

Talking about the technology that's your very intelligent navigation system.

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

Tools to let go of self doubt & worries.

The stuff that should be taught in primary school!

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

The voice.

We all have it. So why fighting it instead of building a loving relationship with our stories, worries, and self doubts?

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

The importance.

Why is it so important to follow one's intuition? For yourself and for our planet.

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

Most common fears.

And why they actually mean the complete opposite for you to experience as a gift in your life.

The gift.

The gift we receive when we dive deep into our fears and come out the other side.

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To
Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To


You don't have to do anything in your life alone! Feel seen, held, heard, nurtured, and supported in a community that cares as much as you do.

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

The first step.

If your intuition could talk to you, what would it say? Taking action!

Meet your facilitator:

Franzi Shooting4.JPG

Franziska Freitag is a human potential expert, mindset coach and the founder of the Floresta Association - a non profit organization with its mission to protect the Amazon and preserve the wisdom of the indigenous people who live there. 


For the last seven years she’s been helping leaders, visionaries, and people who want to change the world, to reconnect with the most important navigation system we have: our heart. So they can tap into their intuition, true power, strength and purpose in life, and create the change they came here for.


Franziska has worked with thousands of people, supporting them to let go of their fears and limiting programs & beliefs, so they can remember who they truly are and use the power of their heart and mind to create the life they’ve always desired. ​


She's been sharing the medicine of Kambo worldwide for over five years - from transformational coaching and holistic health advocacy in Australia, to facilitating retreats with indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon, Tours through the Unites States with indigenous leaders to fundraise and to create awareness of the importance of the Amazon, to her 𝗥𝗘◦𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗰𝘁 workshops and seminars in Europe, she has devoted her life to create massive impact on our planet towards a new thriving, sustainable paradigm. 

What do others say?


"I have just finished a 6 month coaching program with Franzi and am blown away by how far I have come and how much I have shifted in such a short space of time. I had some big goals at the beginning of our journey and was in so much doubt about achieving any of them as I had tried so many times before and had no progress. Franzi was by side the whole way gently guiding me in the right direction and leading me back to my path when I got lost and overwhelmed. She is a guiding light and I am so grateful and thankful to have had her as a coach!"

Natalie Chilvers, Pilates Instructor and Fascial Stretch Therapist

"Working with Franziska was incredible and beyond what I had imagined. The format she taught was great. I could incorporate it very well into my daily activities and the homework was challenging and fun. I had some major insights during this training that I can take with me beyond wealth in terms of money, but to every segment of my life. I have rewritten my story about success and I feel even more empowered to take on this incredibly journey of life. Thank you very much Franzi! You're a rockstar."

Laura Du Bois


I met Franzi a few years ago. At first she intimidated me. Her big clear blue eyes, the kindness of her being, the clarity in her communication. When spending more time with her this intimidation turned eventually into trust... She has a very precise intuition about how to coach someone and when. She helped me realize some deeply hidden old patterns, release them and finally open up to more intuition, flow and trust in my own life. She is a visionary and her deep connection and aid to and for the Brazilian Amazon touched me and many others. Thank you for being you, Franzi. <3

Handan Schwarzberg,  Owner and Founder at Handan Karadag - Yoga & Körperarbeit


Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To

It's $45,- 

(Make sure to check out the amazing VIP option!)

Trusting In Your Intuition - The Key To