YAWANAWA Jungle Dieta

March 29 - May 2nd 2020

A journey back home to yourself...

... and deep into the Amazon!

Who are the YAWANAWA?

The Yawanawa live in Brazil,  in the state of Acre, in the western Brazilian Amazon. There are over 900 Yawanawa, living in 8 

tribal villages. The name Yawanawa translates as ‘The People of the Wild Boar’.

We western people would say they live in paradise: There are many hills, lakes, rivers and streams surrounding the villages. The climate is hot and humid; depending on which time of the year you go there the average temperature during the day is 25’C but it can be surprisingly cold at night. There are two seasons – the wet and dry.

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world – a giant river basin covering 1.7 billion acres and including thousands of rivers. It spans nine countries in total, although 

around 60% is in Brazil.

The Yawanawa have lived on their land for centuries and their way of life is developed from their ancestors. Community and the connection to nature is what they need in order to be happy. A connection we are so urgently seeking today.

The rainforest is also their pharmacy. The spiritual leaders of the Yawanawa are known as ‘doctors of the rainforest’. They 

know the powers of the medicinal herbs and plants from the forest. From tree bark to frog secretion, they hold the answers for cures and poisons alike. The forest is a very magical place and there's a lot for us to learn.

The constant sound of frogs, birds, insects or rain makes the jungle such a magical and mystical place. You can feel that 

magic, especially at sunrise and sunset when the birds come back to roost in the tacana trees. It is so very peaceful. At night you are illuminated by the stars, which shine brightly and once a month the full moon shines almost as bright as the sun.

They have a very varied diet. In the gardens they grow manioc, a big vegetable which grows underground and is boiled or 

ground into flour to make bread. They also grow banana, papaya, sugar cane, corn and potatoes, and collect plants and seeds from the rainforest.

The Yawanawa have a lot of respect for the land, and take over the responsibility to look after it. They are very joyful and 

open people. For them the balance is what's important in life, to find your equilibrium. Joyful and happy.

The Culture

It's the community that makes the Yawanawa culture so special. The way of living as one big family, very much connected to their spiritual self. Loving and supporting each other as well as constant communication about things that need to be 

handled is where we as a western society can find big healing if we wish.

The education begins at birth. The Yawanawa are taught to fish, hunt, gather fruits and plant our gardens. They also learn 

Portuguese and use technology like mobile phones and computers so they can communicate with outsiders. Even Facebook!

There are the shamans, spiritual leaders of the villages who carry all information about the language, culture, the rainforest and its healing plant medicines. In order to keep this wisdom alive they have started to write down the names of different 

plants used for medicines and record their rituals and ceremonies.

The Yawanawá people are known for their songs and stories. The songs are old and reflect the lives within and around 

nature. For example one song is called ‘wakomaya’ which means happiness – a song they sing to welcome visitors and to which they dance to whilst holding hands in their ceremonies.


During our time there we will part take in their sacred plant medicine ceremonies, learn the songs and many of the stories 

they've been sharing for centuries. We will partake in their every day live, learn their way of living, the culture, which is a 

very big gift to experience. We will learn how to make the jewellery, how to prepare traditional food and go hunting and 

fishing. They will show us how to work with different medicines from the jungle and teach us about their healing plants.

All together this is an experience of a life time and I feel deeply humbled and honoured to be able to share this with every 

single one of you and the Yawanawa people.

The Medicines of the Jungle

For the Yawanawa Rapé is the major medicine. It's the strongest medicine they work with. It's very grounding and has the 

strongest healing power. It brings ones energies back together into the present moment. Being with the Yawanawa one can really study this medicine and part of the study is to receive a Rume initiation. The initiation is a very strong and powerful 

process in which we'll receive the strong force of the rapé by applying the medicine various times, made with special prayers. This initiation process is optional for those who feel the calling.

Uni (Ayahuasca)
Uni is the drink they have been using since the very beginning of time. Ayahuasca can take us on a at times challenging and revelatory journey through to our heart and soul, enabling us to unblock long held trauma, fear, hostility, anger, hatred and pain.

The medicine  works at the level of the physical body by directly cleansing and eliminating toxins and unwanted parasites. It is common when purging these entities for us to vomit, defecate, cry, yawn and laugh. Everyone will respond differently to 

Ayahuasca depending on what their body is needing to release.

It also works at the level of the psyche and emotions, allowing the negative aspects of one’s personality to be purged and 

released. Ayahuasca will help us to determine which wounds we are needing to heal and give us the strength and courage 

to purge all that is stifling our growth and human potential.
The sacred medicine Ayahuasca also works at the level of the spirit.

It is common for us to experience visions and to receive direct guidance from non-physical spiritual teachers after drinking the Ayahuasca brew. Ayahuasca can create a clear passage between our waking 

reality and a non-physical plane, allowing us to access wisdom from deep within and outside of ourselves. This wisdom can then be used to 

transform our everyday reality into one where we are more courageous, authentic, loving, powerful, intuitive and creative.

In the village the Uni traditionally is brew fresh before a ceremony and we have the opportunity to accompany the process 

of preparation. Many times we have the blessing to drink native vine that has been growing in the middle of many other 

medicinal plants and has been blessed by animals and birds of the forest.

Kambo is a holistic body detoxification process which brings clarity to all levels of our being. It strengthens the immune 

system and rids the body from heavy metals, fungal and viral dis-eases, parasites, bacteria and other toxins. Kambo soothes headache, lifts mental fog, removes negative moods and thought patterns, and increases motivation, focus and concentration. It gives us energy and positivity and aids in depression and 

chronic pain.

Kambo is a traditional healing method of the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazon using the secretions of 

Pyllomedusa Bicolor, the bicoloured tree-frog. It is an ancient healing that has been used for thousands of years, which has now caught Western attention  as an 

enriching and deep alternative healing method. Kambo is now used all over the world  for all sorts of different ailments, in 

order to free and transform the body, mind and soul.

Plant Baths
Plant baths are one of the practices of the Yawanawa tribe with a deep healing effect, a way to connect and to align oneself with various healing plants. Various plants are collected and we'll first receive the vapor in a small hut and will then be fully washed and rubbed by the 'tea', receiving the vibration, information and love of the plants present.

The Dieta

Many people have heard of the very sacred master plant dietas the Curanderos of Peru offer nower days to people who feel the strong call to deepen their studies with themselves and sacred plant medicines. Very few people have heard or even done a dieta with the traditional people from the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil.

There are quite some parallels the two different traditions offer. Though in the end they are very different from each other.
With the Yawanawa people there are usually 12 different diets one can do, varying between a few days up to a year.

Then there are other diets where you diet with plants or even with the spirit of one of the most powerful animals: By eating the heart of a snake. The duration of the diets can go up to one year with the most sacred and powerful one being the Muca diet. A plant that's meant to manifest everything into your life that's happening during the time of the diet as well as the intention you take into the diet.

The time of the diet is really for you to go deep within. To study and heal. Before the dieta we will have conversations to find out what your intention is. This might simply be a deep calling you're feeling, like your intuition telling you to go. Or you might want to shift and change a certain aspect in your life. Also if you want to learn more and study Yawanawa culture, their rich way of living, as well as their medicines this is a perfect starting point.

The dieta we'll be doing is called "Seya dieta".

Seya means prayer and it's because of this prayer that we receive in the first night, when the dieta is been opened for you that makes this diet a very strong and powerful one. The pajé will pray in the traditional language of the Yawanawa people into a clay pod filled with Kaysuma for around 15 minutes exactly the intention both of you agreed on before. You'll be starting to embody this new frequency not only within your energy field but physically as well. This is why the intention will start processes that you'll find yourself working through in those 30 days. 

For me, personally, the most powerful, profound, challenging, and most healing experience I've ever experienced.

It's 30 days with no fruit, sugar, meat, alcohol, water, and sex. It's a time of fasting: The first ten days you'll only eat very little green banana mash and only drink a few sips of Kaysuma a day. This will weaken your body and cleanse it at the same time. You'll find yourself very open to spirit, especially since you'll be drinking Uni (Ayahuasca) at this time as well. The energy you normally need to digest within the lower Chakras is moving up to the higher Chakras, connecting you deeply with your spiritual self. 
After those ten days you'll get a little bit more food - some beans, rice, or fish and a little bit of tea to drink.

During those 30 days there will be Uni ceremonies, story telling, teachings, hunting, craft making, traditional cooking, integration, mindset, and transformational workshops, as well as enough time to rest and reflect. This time for yourself is very important to keep your equilibrium.

What's included?


- 4 week preparation support
- 1 x 60min Skype Coaching Sessions 

- Food and accommodation
 - Sharing circles 
- Workshops: 
       - High Level Mindset Secrets 
       - Healing the Inner Child 
       - How to manifest the life you desire 
       - Soul Remembrance 
- Guided Meditations 
- 1:1 Conversations (Coaching) 
- Guidance throughout the entire time 
- Unlimited Rapé ceremonies 
- Ayahuasca ceremonies(10roughly)
- Kambo ceremonies 
- Yawanawa story telling and teachings 
- face painting 
- Learning of the songs 
- Art crafting
- Plant medicine jungle walks 
- Plant baths
- Medicine making
- Trips to other villages 
- Kaysuma making 
- Transportation from and back to Rio Branco (Cars, Hotel, Boats)

- 6 weeks integration support 
- 1 x 60min 1:1 Skype Coaching 
- 1 x 90min group call 
- Facebook group community

Also this can be adjusted to your needs since the integration is just as important as the time in the jungle.

How to book?

The number of participants is very limited for this very special experience. This is why it's very important for you to safe your spot if you feel called to join us on this magical trip.

If you're interested in joining us please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you immediately to schedule in a call so we can chat further.

After we confirm your application you pay the deposit and your spot is secured :)